Presentation of Skid Software @ India International Center Delhi

Today we had a presentation of Skid Software which is designed for the children suffering from Autism, such that they can Learn and Communicate Easily.

Major Part of the Presentation was given by Prof Arun Mehta. he explained people about Autism & how he got idea to prepare about this software & working of the skid software.

I also got chance to explain my Email Module & Text Editor.

It was a huge opportunity for me to explain my modules in front of 100 people which includes journalist from mint, Parents whose child are suffering from Autism and other Computer Experts.

I started my presentation by Telling them in brief about the Skid Software and then i Explained them that “Being Connected is the major Requirement of Today’s world”. Since the Children Suffering from Autism cannot use keyboard, so for them we have created the mail module such that the can send mail just by using Joystick or Racing wheels.

I also Explained them that this is the First Step in this Direction. No Existing Mail System like Gmail, Yahoomail etc. Provide this Facility which Autisic child can explore, so our mail module is unique in itself & it will surely help child to communicate & Learn.

Then we showed them the Live working of our module which is running at ( Emailaddr & Text Editor)

We also explained them that the since the child cannot remember the email-id of the persons to whom he want to send email so we had shown him the list of emailaddress to whom he can send mail.

The Response of Audience about our Skid Software was great, They were very keen to use our software.

We told them that the Skid Software is a open source software which is freely available on net people can download it using Subversion or they can use the software from site

Really It was Great Experience for me to be the part of the Presentation.


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