How to have 2 or more Struts config file

Some times when you work in group, you work on different modules of a single project so each module has its own struts config file…
Now when you want to combine all the modules to make a complete project than sometimes we face problem to merge multple struts config file into one.

So here is the Code how to have multiple struts config file in a project

In order to tell the framework about your different modules(different struts config file), we specify multiple ‘config’ initialization parameters in our Web.xml. we’ll still use ‘config’ to tell the ActionServlet about our “default” module, however, for each additional module, we will list an initialization parameter named “config /module “, where /module is the prefix for our module. For eg:-


Here we have two modules. One happens to be the “default” module, identified by the param-name of “config”, and the other will be using the module prefix “/module1” based on the param-name it was given (“config/module1”).

Similarly we can write code for more than 2 Struts config file.

That’s it!!!


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