How to hide folders without using any Software:-

Suppose you want to hide a folder named games which is in D: of ur computer

go to command prompt

after changing it from C: to D:

Type D:/>attrib +h +s games
This Command will hide your folder

To show the folder

Type D:/>attrib -h -s games

Using this Trick you can hide your folder which cannot be viewed even if you make advance search or even if change the folder option to show all hidden files.

That’s it!!


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  1. aparna on

    nice informative stuff at comps

    it is very useful!

    great! keep it up!

  2. Bhavya on

    Hey that’s Great….
    I have twitted about it.

  3. sormita on

    really gr8 tip-already implemented it 😀

  4. deepu on

    hey hi wow @ ur blog really informative keep blogging!!!

  5. arulkumar on

    Hello boss.

    Well done. great job. thanks.

    go ahead.

  6. Arush Mittal on

    kool trick man!
    thanq! 😀

  7. Dan* on

    nice again !

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