How to open Microsoft Office 2007 Documents In Office 2003 or office 2000

Many of us have face the problem that we are not able to open Microsoft office files with extensions “.docx” – Word Document , “.xlsx” – MS excel file and “.pptx” – Powerpoint presentations in Microsoft office 2003 or office 2000.
This is because the documents saved in the office 2007 are not backward compatible directly. But there is a very useful and easy add-on available from Microsoft itself.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

This compatibility pack will let you open the newer MS office documents with extensions .docx , .xlsx and .pptx with the older versions of MS Office 2003 and Office 2000. You will also be able to open, edit, and save files using the file formats new to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007. You simply need to download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack and install it on your computer which has the older version of MS office.
That’s It!!!


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  1. asit dhal on

    nice trick…..

    but if somebody saves the slide show or doc file by using save as 97-2003 option, compartibility problem won’t be needed at all

  2. kunalsachdeva on

    @ Asit
    quite right almost every one knows about that option.
    Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is required when someone has given us a docx file and we had to open it in office 2003 or 2000 than we won’t go to that person and say him that please save the file in 97-2003 option.

    In all these situations it is very useful..

  3. Prashanth on

    Nice tips bro..
    Done a gud job…

  4. chetana on

    nicely done.. i would def try out some of the tips.

  5. Arush Mittal on

    hey..kool blog!

    and thanx fr ur sugeestions..abt ms office 2007!:)

  6. Dan* on

    hey thankx a lot 🙂

  7. Sushant on

    Nice tip will check it out..

  8. chris on

    got to try tht..thnx

  9. More on

    Wow! this will really help me and some of my frds…..
    Now i dont have to use the save as option often…
    keep posting yr tips..
    They rock!!!

  10. Ankit on

    nice tips dude

  11. Vinayak on

    Gr8 tips dude.
    Thanx for this

  12. nitesh on

    nice tips!!!

  13. estella on

    Nice blog

  14. nazish on


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