How to set dynamic website as desktop wallpaper

We can easily place fully functioning Website as our Desktop Wallpaper instead of still JPG/GIF/PNG images.

Here is the Trick On how to do it:-

1. Right Click on the Desktop.

2. Go to Properties.

3. Then under Desktop Tab select Customize Desktop.

4. Then under Web Tab select New and type the address of the Website .

5. You will get message With Caption “Add Item to Active Desktop” click Ok, it will synchronize and will take few seconds.

6. Apply the settings and click Ok.

7. Then you will get website you have entered in small window, Now you can maximize that window to set it as wallpaper.

8. If you want to change the wallpaper just minimize it and set any wallpaper or website you want.


27 comments so far

  1. Ankit on

    hey i just tried this!

  2. Psycho on

    neat trick, i din know of this.

  3. Chris on

    Website as wallpaper?? Dint understand the concept…but lemme try it :O


  4. jaggu on

    this looks interesting.lemme try it out

  5. jaggu on

    hey..lemme check it out..looks interesting

  6. jaggu on


  7. kunal sachdeva on

    @ Chris
    The Concept is quite simple, Just apply the above steps and you can have fully functioning Website as your desktop wallpaper. you can easily work on the website (which you have set as wallpaper) as we do in Internet Explorer or Mozila Firefox and at the same time you can also use the icons available on the desktop. Hope you understand it.


  8. Arush Mittal on

    i did dat!
    it works!
    awesoma man! 😀
    thanq fr such a nice trick! 😛

  9. Homer on

    Amazing is teh word. Google as my background \m/


  10. adisha on

    Hey ,

    Awesome trick !! Am going to be saving your link to mine.. Hope you don’t mind 🙂


  11. Pratik on

    superb just used the trick its awesomest
    keep letting us knw tricks like this

  12. kunalsachdeva on

    @ all
    Thnx… 🙂

    @ Adisha..
    my pleasure..
    Thnx.. 🙂

    @ Pratik
    yeah Definitely..


  13. sormita on

    I tried d trick-now my gmail is on my desktop-cool trick 😉

  14. siddharth on

    hey it really really worked……gr8 trck!!!

  15. Dan* on

    cool man !!!

  16. cutestangel on

    Thanks for the great tip.Am learing lots from your blog.

    also thanks for your blog comments yeh I had probs with fonts on my blog but I did a quick teach my self html coding and worked out how to edit the htmls to change font colours,sizes and styles!!!

  17. kkai4u on


  18. Binoy on

    sounds good..

  19. srinivasarao on

    cool trick

  20. sm on

    good tricks like them

  21. poo on

    this one is pretty cool though it slows ur desktop a bit..

  22. arottetride on

    Thnx 4 sharing this..

  23. S.Ganesh Kumar on

    Good concept.Will try it soon!:)

  24. Pretty Prats on

    m gonna try it just now…

  25. jecho miguel on

    Hi 2 all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. kethan on

    how to set website as wallpaper in Vista

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