How to adjust/set MP3 audio files to play at the same volume?

Most of the songs don’t play a the same volume. Some times, they are either really loud or really low as compared to a normal MP3 recording. This is very tedious because due to different volume levels of songs, you have to constantly adjust volume of your speakers. So here is the Tip on How to set same volume for all MP3 songs without Loosing any quality:-

Just Download MP3Gain – the Automatic MP3 Volume Normalizer


MP3Gain is a simple application that analyze and automatically adjust your MP3 files so that they play at the same volume.It performs statistical analysis to determine how loud the Music file actually sounds to the human ear.The changes MP3Gain makes are completely lossless, there is no change or loss in quality because it adjusts the MP3 files without decoding or re-encoding. You can change the volume as many times as you want. It is an open source application available for download online as an application or project containing the entire source code.


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  1. taran on

    everything is v. informative ,good work

  2. Dan on

    wow this is gr8 stuff 😉

  3. jaggu on

    hey thanks dude..its a gr8 one.. i am gonna check it out nw itself

  4. narendra on

    hmm thats great..otherwise its a tedious thing to pput it into a wave editor and save and play in winamp!!i mean kiske paaas itna time hain???thanks

  5. Homer on

    That is kind of cool dude. I havent heard about this before.


  6. Sid on

    nice post… I have actually used mp3Gain before and it is actually awesome…

  7. cutestangel on

    Another wonderful set of tips ,keep up the good work.

  8. poo on

    Cool.. its working!!!

  9. Vinayak on

    Nice post
    gonna try

  10. ramaraobobby on

    I would definitely try this… thanks for sharing yaar..


  11. kunalsachdeva on

    @ Narendra
    Quite right!! its very tedious, we dont have that much time.

    @ all
    I am glad you all like it!!!

  12. Pretty Prats on

    nice tip as usual !!

  13. Pretty Prats on

    Nice !! thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. adisha on

    Oh wow !!! Thanks … As a music lover, this is going to be great help !!


  15. sm on

    nice post kunal
    about mp3 and sound normalisation. very helpful

  16. Vinayak on

    good one

  17. Vinayak on

    nice one

  18. aedy on

    nice one buddy

  19. aedy on


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