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How to display your Flash files in Html:-

The easiest way to embed Flash in a website, with a single embed code. Create a Flash File named file.swf locate it in the same directory as the HTML page.

Write the following code in the html.

<object width=”300″ height=”200″>
<param name=”movie” value=”file.swf”>

U Need to Have a Flash Plugin Installed if u want to see ur flash files. A broken icon will appear on the Web page if the u don’t have the Flash plug-in installed.

In the above code i have used both an tag and an <object> tag because the <object> tag is recognized by Internet Explorer, and Netscape recognizes the tag.

The other Parameters that you can use are:-

*  bgcolor (#rrggbb): set the SWF background color using a hexadecimal value.

*  flashvars (variables): the variables placed here will be loaded in the SWF.

*  The JW Player extensively uses those. menu (true, false): set this to false to hide most of the rightclick menu.

*  The allowscriptaccess and allowfullscreen parameters tell the browser the SWF can both communicate with external scripts (and link to external pages) and use the new fullscreen mode.