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How to view/check the contents of Zip/Rar/Iso Files Before Downloding Them:-

Generally the Files to be downloaded are in Zip/rar format, Because
the size of the file gets compressed by this way But Some times after downloading the archive we realize that the file which we were looking for is not there or It Contain some suspicious program or virus.
In such situations our time gets wasted and viruse can also harm our Computer.

So Here is The Software Archview::Firefox Add-ons that allow you to view the contents of an Archive before downloading. And using it you can even download a single file from the archive.

archview::Firefox Add-ons

It supports rar,Zip & iso file types. Archview attach itself to the status bar of the Firefox and whenever we click on any zip or rar or iso file. It Displays the content immediately.

& The Other Thing is that it allows you to download individual files from archive, so you wont have to download extra files in the archive.

If you are a Firefox user you Should Download it. It will Definitely save your time and Bandwidth.

That’s It…